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Optiweigh is proud to be one of the first Australian businesses to be able to provide satellite connectivity at cellular prices. No longer is connectivity restricted to mobile phone service areas and no longer does satellite service have to come at extra cost. 


We do this by utilising Swarm Technologies' constellation of low earth orbit Swarm Satellites. Optiweigh is leading the way in the use of this groundbreaking technology that is set to radically alter the connectivity landscape for ag-tech. 


Data is sent every 1-5 hours and immediately loaded onto the web-portal where clients can view up to date weight and weight gain information.

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Swarm's mission is to connect people and devices from anywhere in the world, at all times, at the lowest cost.

Since 2016, Swarm Technologies has been committed to providing accessible, low-cost global connectivity by launching satellites into low earth orbit. 

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By providing connectivity to people and devices in remote regions, Swarm makes data accessible to everyone, everywhere on earth.

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