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Optiweigh is the most significant step forward in livestock weighing in over 30 years. With built-in functionality and complete mobility, Optiweigh has solved the problem of in-paddock weighing and delivers tangible benefits to any size cattle operation. An Optiweigh will:

  • Accurately monitor weight gain & drive profit;

  • Eliminate livestock stress & lost production; and

  • Reduce time, labour cost and much more.

With no need for expensive infrastructure, fencing or animal training, an Optiweigh is as accurate as other weighing methods with none of the hassles.

An Optiweigh will pick up weight gain changes

in less than 5 days.


Weighing cattle multiple times a day, stress-free in their grazing environment creates the ability to accurately detect changes in daily weight gain faster than ever possible before. Critical nutrition and paddock management changes can be made in days not weeks.

v2 Optiweigh - Graph 2 - Average Daily Weight.jpg

An Optiweigh will allow you to optimize target



Optiweigh - V3 Optimise your sale weights Chart.jpg

Monitoring cattle on a daily basis provides precise planning of an exit strategy. Accurate live-weight information in real-time will allow market opportunities that have never before been available. No more grid penalties!


An Optiweigh will reduce the need for yard weighing.

An Optiweigh will eliminate days of lost production from stress and energy loss. With accuracy as reliable as traditional yard weighing, why waste time and money mustering and yard weighing cattle to monitor weight gain.

Optiweigh Target iStock-1166757369 [Converted].jpg
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