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Buying an Optiweigh

Optiweigh 2022.png

The Optiweigh system is fully self-contained and ready to start weighing in minutes, there is no extra infrastructure required and cattle need no training or restricted access to feed or water.

Developed and manufactured in Australia, Optiweigh will withstand the harshest of environments and is delivered ready to start weighing.

  • Totally mobile, easily towed behind any farm vehicle.

  • Single person set-up in under 2 minutes.

  • Satellite connectivity, works anywhere it can see the sky.

  • Incorporates all weighing and EID equipment.

  • Will weigh any size and any breed of cattle.

All reporting and analytics are included in the purchase price. Our annual data subscription covers the satellite connection charges alone. Our growing customer base enjoy:

  • Anytime access to support and service;

  • A 2-year warranty across all components;

  • 24/7 365 day access to liveweight information and historical data;

  • Exclusive access to our online forum and Optiweigh user group page.

Purchasing an Optiweigh is easy. We sell and service our customers direct. Simply give us a call or lodge an online quote request.

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