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3 steps to weighing without the hassles


Take the Optiweigh to your cattle

The Optiweigh is highly portable and can be towed behind a buggy or ute. Setup takes less than 2 minutes. Position the unit on level stable ground, fold up the tow frame and turn the unit on.

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Your cattle weigh themselves


Cattle are enticed onto the Optiweigh with an attractant, such as molasses, a lick block or salt. Stepping on they have their EID recorded and front feet weighed. This information is sent to the cloud and an algorithm applied to calculate total body weight.


See weight gain information on your phone or laptop

Liveweight information is updated multiple times daily and sent to any device type including phone, laptop, or tablet. Users receive a daily email each morning summarising the information gathered by the Optiweigh in the last 24hours. More detailed information is available to be viewed and downloaded via the website.

The Optiweigh in action

Features and benefits

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