Ross Henderson - The Nowendoc Run, NSW

“As manager of a progressive backgrounding and finishing operation a large part of my job involves finding solutions and taking advantage of technologies that will help underpin our profitability for years to come. So far we have been surprised at OPTIWEIGH’s ease of use and the fact that we start getting data on a mob within hours of putting it with them.”


MCC Pastoral Pty Ltd, Lowesby, Rollestion QLD

Ian McCamley, Managing Director

“We have been searching for a method of determining the live weight of our cattle without having to muster. We have a large number of paddocks with numerous waters so a walk over weighing system is not feasible. We have found the OPTIWEIGH is the ideal solution. Even in very large paddocks with multiple water sources we still find that one unit gives us enough weight records to quickly get a really accurate handle on the performance of the mob and the distribution of weights within the mob. The result is increased profitability through having an accurate indication of cattle weights without the weight loss of putting them over yard scales, better forward planning, and more accurately meeting our target markets.”

Macka's Australian Black Angus Beef

Robert Mackenzie, Managing Director

Sunday Ridge Dairies, Pty Ltd, Simpson Victoria

Richard Dalgish, Director

“The OPTIWEIGH enables us to capture liveweight data in the paddock whenever its needed - this means its labour efficient and a cost effective way to keep our heifer rearing programme on track. In the six months since deployment we have captured over 8,500 individual weights. The data supports pro-active decisions for management of an entire mob as well as identify any under-performing animals. Keeping track of growth rate."