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Optiweigh Data Portal

Users can access the Optiweigh data portal at any time, they also receive a daily email update each morning summarizing the previous 24 hours, including number of visits, weight range and Average Daily Gain information.

Weight Chart

Leave the Optiweigh with a mob and track animal and paddock performance over time, including;

  • Daily mob Average

  • 10 Day Moving Average

  • 5 Day Moving Average

  • Average Daily Gain

  • Daily number of visits


Is that new pasture performing as it should?

dy text.png

Take snapshots of multiple mobs over time to track weight gain. The Optiweigh might be moved through a rotation every 3-4 days and could weigh 8-10 mobs per month.

Weight Distribution

Determine the number of animals in 25kg weight ranges. Book trucks with confidence and improve exit timing accuracy.

My agent wants 8 decks for the boat, how many have I got ready?

Demo (1).png

Data over time

See individual live weight data over time. Select a time period and sort by EID or weights by date. Data can be downloaded to a CSV file and exported to other platforms.

Demo (2).png
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